This is also another function of Child Rehabilitation department. The department under the period of review has offered 52,000 Psychosocial support to different families that required the services across Bauchi state. The department gives a systematic guidance and counseling to OVCs and their families in respect of one family issue or another ranging from drug abuse, casual sex, banditry, and other immoralities that OVCs may be involved. Under this unit, the agency offered rehabilitation services to OVCs who shows remorse and compliance to change their life style for the betterment of themselves and the society. Children of school ages are usually taken back to school if the need arise, and where they cannot cooperate, the agency provides them with skill acquisition services.

The unit also takes care of abandoned or unwanted children who may be dropped by their parents; such children are taken to orphanage for proper rehabilitation and care. The issue of adoption is also taken care in this department. Proper criteria for adoption are on the structure of the agency, people who show their interest to adopt children from the agency orphanage could do so after fulfilling the agency’s criteria for adoption.

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